Sherlock Holmes in 2010--BBC mini series Benedict Cumberbatch as the cute Sherlock Holmes in 2010.BBC one launched a mini series in 2010, featuring a mo 襯衫den day Sherlock HolmesThree episodes include:A Study of PinkThe 澎湖民宿 Blind BankerThe Great Gamei think the modern Sherlock Holmes is quite cute, though he 面膜appeared to be hyper-active and might suffer from depression. The actor who plays Sherlock is Benedict Cumber 酒店工作batch. Waston is played by Martin Freeman. can't understand why the series implicitly or explicitly played on the gay theme. 面膜 Watson is married to Mary, and Holmes was clearly not interested in marriage or female. Maybe Sir Connor Dolye was a gay, who knows? Then Waston has a s 酒店打工ister Harriet, who was attached to Clara. a lesbian couple? The dialogue between Sherlock and Watson is interesting though. When Sherlock proded Waston that he may be tired of 房屋買賣 seeing more corpes, Waston said "yes, I have seen too many, enough for a lifetime," Sherlock: Want to see more. Waston said in a calm way: Oh, God, yes, (then he took off, leaving his stick behind, as 個人信貸 if there was nothing wrong at all with his right leg) In this series, Waston displayed a kind of admiration for Sherlock. Example one, when Sherlock deducted some background facts about Watson when he first met. W 關鍵字廣告aston: that was extraordinary... Sherlock: that was not what people normally would say? Waston: what do people normally say? Sherlock: piss off. Then perhaps Sherlock's brother was most straightforward, he told Waston that "you miss the 土地買賣 war."  .
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